Chamomile - our favourite skin hero

Chamomile is an extremely potent herb when it comes to skincare. It's an anti-inflammatory bae and will save your skin.

Written by our herbalist

July 12, 2021

Constant connectedness can be overwhelming for the best of us. It is easy to lose track of yourself, then suddenly you hit a wall. Creating time and space for quiet and stillness is a skill in itself and something we work on every day here at Luibh. Using herbs in our day-to-day lives helps focus our minds and bring clarity to our work. Chamomile is one we use almost everyday.

First and foremost, chamomile used as a tonic has great soothing and sedating benefits to the skin. Its soothing properties also work on the brain, helping it to calm it down and rewind after a long day.

Selfishly we use it in our creams and our tea. And we think you should too. Roman chamomile oil, extracted through steam distillation of flower heads, has a sweet, apple fragrance and a magical dark clear blue in colour.

The oil is very effective for skin conditions such as acne, eczema, rashes, and allergic reactions. It has very little allergens making it great for children, but also for more sensitive skin. It’s probably a native of northwest Africa and evolved from a very common ormenis species which grows all over the Mediterranean countries.  For Luibh we have partnered with growers in England to supply you with the very best organic wild crafted chamomile. 

Chamomile also contains volatile oils such as azulene which has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect perfect for the skin after a long day of exposure to the elements and pollution in the air.

Check out our Night Cream, it is packed full of chamomile goodness and the perfect way to end the day and calm your skin while you drift away into a sleepy slumber.

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