The most natural and gentle scrub that exists.

It's purple and chunky - it will leave your skin feeling restored, cleansed and oh so soft and yummy. You've got to try it.

Written by our herbalist

July 12, 2021

The most natural face scrub that exists?..... We think so.

Don’t you think face scrubs deserve more credit than they get? Most healthy skincare routines I've seen almost always include a face scrub. So what makes it so special?

As you may know, they are great at removing dead skin and dirt. They do, however, have a few other, less known and quite frankly more interesting benefits.

A lot of people really struggle to find a good face scrub, or simply use a chemical-based one. Putting many people off the whole concept of a scrub. To explain what a face scrub should do or can do (in Luibhs world), I will show you our own scrub it's AMAZING ingredients.

I’m going to start with rose. As it is my favourite.

Rosa damascena is my favourite and the most important species of the Rosaceae family. They are referred to as the queen of flowers. Apart from their use as ornamental plants, they are cultivated for use in perfume and herbal medicine. The rose water was scattered at weddings to ensure a happy marriage and are a symbol of love and purity. Skinwise, it's a great balancer for natural skin oils and works to keep blemishes at bay. While also being a top-notch toner.

Ground almonds, packed with vitamin E, which is a skin saviour. It softens the skin and has kick-ass anti-inflammatory properties, while assisting the skin in creating a moisture barrier, keeping it hydrated.

Oats, yes Oats, soak up the excess oil on the skin and support skin regeneration through saponins, which are natural cleansers, helping to exfoliate and unclog pore.

Lavender is a great healer of damaged skin and helps to calm the mind and senses. Great before bed. It mixes well with the french clay, which is good in the natural exfoliation world, helping circulation and holding the scrub together.

Last but not least, we have our Green French Clay. It may seem ordinary, but trust me, it packed with minerals like magnesium, zinc and calcium. It's great for drawing out impurities from your pore, while it exfoliates the dead skin cells to help tone and firm the skin. Mixed together with Oats, Almonds, and Lavender and Rose and you might have the best face scrub that ever exists.

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"As is a tale, so is life: not how long it is, but how good it is, is what matters" Seneca

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